5 Quick Ways to Relax

5 Quick Ways to Relax


Feeling stressed but short on time? Too much to do but want to feel calmer and more in control? These 5 tips could help you unwind if you can take a few minutes out from your busy day:


1)   Breathe…  Breathing is known to help with feeling anxious, wanting to feel relaxed, feel more in control and feel calmer. Inhale slowly for up to 10 seconds (try doing this deeply from your stomach, rather than shallowly in your chest). Hold your breath for 2 seconds, then breathe out for up to 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times, as many times as you like throughout a day.



2)   Have a bath. This could take as little as 30 minutes out of your day, yet have a profound effect on boosting mood, as it relaxes our bodies and therefore minds. Using a few drops of essential oils can also help you to relax, especially lavender.



3)   Go outside for a brief walk. This could be as little as 20 minutes or longer if you have the time. Being outside in nature can be particularly good for us, and also, especially if it’s early in the day, the day light can help with our circadian rhythms (which can help with sleep).


4)   Write down a list/draw what is making you stressed. Getting things off our minds, whether it’s using words, pictures, talking or however else we choose, can have a therapeutic effect. Make it personal, get creative!


5)   Listen to your favourite uplifting/relaxing music.  Take some time out to focus on music and not only will you enjoy it, it might distract you from the stressful thoughts you might be having. It is proven to uplift mood and can help us to feel grounded.